It is a good place for everyone to relieve stress. You can eat, chat and discuss work with friends. More to get together with relatives, enjoy food; It can also be used as a space for cultivating and improving reading. Can achieve the function of insulation, even in the cold winter, but also for the family to create a warm living environment.


Bay And Bow Window (1)

Aluminum Sunroom

A door frame assembly made of surface-treated aluminum profiles, through cutting, punching, milling and other processing techniques, and then using connectors, sealing materials and other hardware accessories.

Thermal Break Awing Window (2)

uPVC Sunroom

It has super high performance in anti-oxidation, anti-strong acid, and anti-reduction. It has high strength and excellent stability, is not flammable, and can resist corrosion and other phenomena caused by climate change.


Conservatory (1)


The raw materials used to block dust and nature are hard and solid aluminum alloy and explosion-proof glass, which can effectively prevent intentional damage and achieve the function of insulation, even in the cold winter, but also to create a warm living environment for the family.

Retractable Enclosures Sunroom (3)

Retractable Enclosures Sunroom

In places where the management is more strict, the use of fixed sunlight rooms will often be judged as illegal construction and removed. The mobile sun room can avoid the problem of illegal construction because of its telescopic folding characteristics

Carport Canopy (1)

Carport Canopy

It can reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to the car, and the endurance plate canopy has an anti-UV coating, which can effectively isolate more than 98% of ultraviolet light. Good light transmittance (transmittance 20%). Exposure to sunlight does not produce yellowing, atomization, or poor light transmission.

Aluminum Pergola (2)

Aluminum Pergola

The aluminum alloy material is less affected by the humid environment, because the aluminum alloy itself is a strong corrosion resistance building material, and the waterproof and moisture resistance of the aluminum alloy is stronger than that of the wood material. Aluminum alloy pavilion seismic ability is strong, can resist external impact, no cracking, no collapse, high safety factor.


36x36 Window

35×35 window

36×48 Window

60×60 Window

36×60 Window

36x72 Window

32×48 window

60x48 Window

48x48 Window