Different window designs bring different styles to your living room. Windows are not only channels for light and air, but also symbols of quality of life. Windows make your life more convenient, comfortable, and beautiful


Bay And Bow Window (1)

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are windows with frame and sash structure made of aluminum profiles. Divided into ordinary aluminum windows and broken bridge aluminum windows. The aluminum window has beautiful appearance, strong airtightness and high strength.

Thermal Break Awing Window (2)

uPVC Windows

uPVC window is a new type of building material, it is more corrosion resistant than wooden windows and steel windows, does not require paint maintenance, and has a colorful appearance, which can be coordinated with various types of buildings.


Sliding Windows details image (4)

Sliding Window

Smooth sliding and easy opening - The aluminum sliding window adopts a high-precision pulley system, ensuring smooth sliding and easy opening, bringing a relaxed and enjoyable experience to your life.

casement window (4)

Casement Window

A casement window is a window that can be opened outward or inward based on a hinge installed on one side of the window sash and connected to the window frame. Simple structure and flexible opening.

Tilt And Turn Window details image (4)

Tilt and Turn Window

Add a quality and fashion to your home - choose the broken bridge to open the window, so that your living room presents high-end quality and modern atmosphere, bringing more comfort and peace of mind to your life

Folding Window detail image

Folding Window

Used in various scenes: The design of folding Windows is diverse, which can meet the needs of different scenes, such as homes, offices, factories, etc., which can provide high-quality ventilation and lighting effects for various scenes.

Thermal Break Awing Window (7)

Thermal Break Awing Window

The use of materials and structural design with strong thermal insulation performance can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, reduce energy consumption, and achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

Vertical Folding Up Window detail image (1)

Vertical Folding Up Window

Easy to clean and maintain: The vertical folding window is designed so that there are no barriers between the sashes, making it easy to clean the dust and debris inside the Windows and sashes, as well as to facilitate daily maintenance and maintenance

Skylight detail image (1)


Improve indoor air circulation: the house skylight can promote indoor air circulation, reduce indoor humidity and odor, which is conducive to health in short, the skylight can improve indoor comfort, health, beauty and value, but also conducive to energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Picture Window detail image (1)

Picture Window

Beautiful appearance: Aluminum Windows can be customized according to needs, to meet the aesthetic needs of different users, while having different colors, patterns and textures, can be well coordinated with the appearance of the building

Chain Winder Crank Windows detail image (1)

Chain Winder Crank Windows

High comfort: the hand-lifted window can freely adjust the size of the window, and the opening Angle of the window can be adjusted according to the need, avoiding the noise and vibration when the electric window is opened, and improving the comfort.

Circle Window detail image (1)

Circle Window

Strong adaptability: The design of round Windows is suitable for a variety of different architectural styles and environments, and can be integrated into them to increase the beauty of the building. Easy to make: The design of the round window is simple and convenient to make, and the circular design can save materials

Bay And Bow Window detail image (1)

Bay and Bow Window

Good thermal insulation performance: the design of the bay window can effectively prevent indoor heat leakage and external heat into the room, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

Electric Vertical Lifting Up Window detail image (1)

Electric Vertical Lifting Up Window

Easy operation: The electric lift window has a one-button operation function, which is simple and convenient to use, and the opening height and docking position of the window can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the need to meet the different needs of use.

Aluminum Shutters detail image (1)

Aluminum Shutters

an adjust the light, and the blade Angle can be adjusted as needed to make the light softer or more concentrated, effectively avoiding glare and glare.


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35×35 window

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60×60 Window

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