Carport Canopy

It can protect the vehicle from direct sunlight and delay the aging and fading of the vehicle


For the car shed, whether it is an outdoor parking lot or a parking space in a residential area, it often encounters windy and rainy weather, so the car shed must have the function of rain and wind resistance


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Carport Canopy Specification




Provides shelter and protection for vehicles


Carport, Canopy


Polycarbonate Sheet,Aluminum frame

Frame Color

Clear/Blue/Light Grey/Dark Grey

Roof Color

Purple/White/Grey/Electrophoresis Champagne

Suitable range

Villas, residential areas, rural self built houses, open-air parking lots, open-air balcony Gardens

Weather Protection

Shields vehicles from rain, snow, hail, and UV rays to prevent damage

Shade and Sun Protection

Reduces interior temperature and protects vehicles from the heat of the sun

Versatile Design

Various sizes and installation options for different vehicles and space needs


Made from durable materials like steel, aluminum, or reinforced fabric

Easy Installation

Can be assembled by homeowners without professional assistance

Storage Flexibility

Offers an open and spacious environment for parking vehicles and storing equipment

Cost-Effective Solution

More affordable compared to building a traditional garage

Customization Options

Additional features like side enclosures, privacy screens, or integrated lighting

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