Thermal break aluminum casement window

Jingjing brand system doors and Windows to create high heat insulation and sound insulation casement Windows


Because the window sash can be opened to the maximum extent, the indoor and outdoor air is fully circulated, making the room easier to ventilate and maintaining a fresh and comfortable indoor environment.


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Thermal break aluminum casement window Specification




Thermal break aluminum alloy  


Casement (hinged)  

Glazing Options

Single/Double/Triple glazed,Laminated   


0.17 to 0.32 Measure of heat transfer (lower is better)  

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Measure of solar heat gain (lower is better)

Air Infiltration

Measure of air leakage (lower is better)

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

Measure of sound insulation (higher is better)

Security Features

Multi-point locking system, reinforced profiles


Powder-coated, Anodized, Wood grain, PVDF etc.

Frame Colors

White,Black,Gray,bronze,Various options available    


Customizable to fit specific openings

Operation Type

Manual or motorized

Hardware Brand

German Brand :Roto,SIEGENIA,HOPPE (Germany),Winkhaus,GU (Gretsch-Unitas),Siegenia-Aubi

Giesse,VBH (Germany) ,CMECH

China Top Brand :Kinlong,HOPO

Hardware Options

Customizable to fit specific openings

Fly Screens

Optional insect screens for ventilation


Blinds between glass,Grid,PDLC Smart glass,Low-e,Reflective,impact hurricane glass ,Nail fin/Flange

Certificate optional

NFRC,Florida FPA/NOA hurricane impact certified,Australian AS2047,AS2208,CSA,Energy Star certified

casement window (1)
casement window (2)
casement window (6)
casement window (5)
casement window (3)
color options
production process

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