9 Doors And Windows Hardware

9 Doors And Windows Hardware


Hardware accessories are the heart of doors and Windows, not supporting roles! The proportion of hardware cost in a door and window will not be too small, good door and window hardware cost accounts for 15%-30% of the overall cost of doors and Windows, so the purchase of door and window hardware is also very important for the owner!

First, door and window hardware accessories in addition to meet the physical properties of doors and Windows, mechanical properties, but also meet what conditions?

  1. Easy to operate, single point control: by changing the position of the handle to achieve a variety of opening functions;
  2. Standardization and serialization, so that door and window enterprises and construction companies can quickly install;
  3. Adjustability;
  4. Strong bearing capacity;
  5. High safety;
  6. Widely used;
  7. Strong applicability (high quality specifications)

Second, door and window hardware accessories should be how to choose and calculate?

  • When choosing hardware accessories, try to choose products with guaranteed quality, the quality level of hardware accessories should be consistent with the quality level of doors and Windows, the structure and shape of hardware accessories should be consistent with the profile, the color coordination and beauty, the function is correct, the operation is flexible and the installation is convenient.
  •  The installation of hardware accessories should be complete, standardized, reliable, and accurate. After installation, the doors and Windows are beautiful in appearance, flexible and convenient to open, without deformation, obstruction and collision.
  • Exposed fasteners of hardware accessories should be preferred stainless steel products.
  • Multiple locking points should be used when the flat doors and Windows and the large sliding doors and Windows are closed, otherwise the air tightness will be greatly reduced under the action of negative pressure difference, taking into account the convenience of operation, it is best to use multiple locking points to handle or drive

Three, casement window sash installation how wide is appropriate?

What are the disadvantages of installing oversized sashes? Some owners like large window sashes, think that this ventilation effect is good, in fact, the larger window sashes and smaller ventilation effect is not much different. What are the disadvantages of having a large window sash? First, the window sash is too heavy and increases the load of accessories such as slide stays, hinges, and hinges, increasing the friction, shortening the service life of accessories, and also increasing the resistance of opening and closing. Second, when the window sash is opened and closed, the hand lock stroke is increased, and the arm needs to be extended more, which will also increase the difficulty of opening and closing and increase the danger. Generally, the width of the window sash is more suitable in 60-65cm

Four, the door and window handle position how high appropriate?

The position of the casement window handle lock is best explained when placing an order, so as to adjust the parameters in the design and processing, after all, it is customized according to the specific situation of the owner. In general, the height of the hand lock from the ground should be near the shoulder position of the female owner, usually about 1.4 meters, if the female owner is tall, it will be raised.

Fifth, the poor quality of the slide stay will be loose for a period of time, and serious cases will lead to the sash falling off and resulting in safety hazards. What are the requirements of high quality slide brace in terms of material?

The slide brace must be anti-rust, because if it rusts, it will affect the smoothness of sliding, and reduce the mechanical properties of the slide brace, which will lead to fracture. To have good corrosion resistance, it is necessary to choose a high grade 300 series of stainless steel, such as 304 stainless steel, this kind of stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, and high strength and toughness, and the low grade of 2-character stainless steel such as 201, 202, although the price is low, but the corrosion resistance is lower than 300 series. And No. 304 stainless steel has high wear resistance.

In addition, the thickness of the slide brace also affects the bearing capacity, and it is best to choose a slide brace with a thickness of more than 2.5 when the window sash is heavy.

Six, why the hinge after a period of time there will be oil exposed?

After a period of operation, the viscosity of the oil added inside the hinge is reduced and it is easier to flow out; At the same time, the hinge core and the scroll, will produce different degrees of wear, wear is more serious, produce more black iron powder, the oil black. Therefore, the greased hinge, depending on the use of oil and processing accuracy, or sooner or later there is transparent or black grease outflow, affecting the appearance to different degrees.

Seven, often said door and window hardware, what exactly refers to the “five” gold?

  • Building lock: a lock installed on the door and door frame of a building that needs to be opened and closed. It is generally composed of the lock body (including the lock tongue, door and window hardware, control mechanism and brake mechanism) and the lock panel, handle, cover plate and so on.
  •  Handle: used to open and close metal window sashes. It is generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, and some are also designed to be linked with the latch and door and window hardware. Multi-use brass, low carbon steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials to make the type, the surface plated nickel, chromium or zinc.
  • Brace: used to position the open metal window sash. It is generally installed on the lower edge of the window sash, and some are also designed to be used with the joint leaf mechanism.
  • Hinge: also known as hinge. It is a connection piece of door and door frame, window and window frame, which can make the door and window freely rotate and open and close the door and window hardware. The hinge is formed by connecting the blade and the pin.
  •  Door closers: An appliance that can automatically close or fix an open door.

Eight, how to properly maintain the door and window hardware life longer?

  1. Stainless steel handles and other stainless steel “hardware” can be scrubbed with brightening agent, which can increase the light.
  2.  Hinge, pulley, caster and other moving parts in the long-term movement may reduce the function due to the adhesion of dust, every six months to play with one to two drops of lubricating oil can keep it smooth.
  3.  Pay special attention to the direction of rotation and stretching of the handle, avoid using dead force. In particular, it is necessary to teach children not to dangle on the door handle, which is easy to cause danger and may cause damage to the inner door. But once the lock is broken, basically the house is as if it is not fortified, and the security risks are very big!
  4.  When the rotation of the lock core is not sensitive enough, a small amount of black powder can be scraped from the pencil lead and gently blown into the lock hole. This is because the graphite component is an excellent solid lubricant. Do not drip lubricating oil, as this will more easily adhere to the dust.

Why can door and window hardware affect the economic performance of doors and Windows and the life of the whole window?

Building doors and Windows industry also exists fierce market competition, can get rid of a single price competition to create a benign market environment is one of the important ways to enrich product functions, with technical advantages to expand product profit margins. The important link that can enrich the function of doors and Windows products is hardware accessories.

The quality of hardware also has an impact on the life of doors and Windows. Good hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss is good, the protective layer is dense, there is no scratch phenomenon, the most important point is that the opening should be flexible.



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